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QCR Tech is a leading manufacture of quality control fixtures and styling die models for the sheet metal and interior trim industries.  QCR Tech also provides concise NC milling capabilities for the aerospace industry and has been since its’ inception in 1987.  In an effort to evolve with the global business environment that is at the forefront of all industries, QCR Tech is committed to continually invest in the latest software, equipment and training for their employees.  This commitment has allowed QCR Tech to sustain its’ position as a leading manufacture of fixtures and gages during any economic cycle that an industry may encounter during a given life span.

With commitment, comes flexibility and the ability to be diverse in its’ business plan.  QCR Tech has invested in the latest NC machines and control centers that are available on the market.  The wide range of the cutting envelopes of the (7) machining centers offer the flexibility and dimensional accuracy that is required in the industries that QCR Tech supports.  With experience and the necessary tooling to program and cut a wide range of machining media - from styrofoam to hardened steel - QCR Tech will be able to assist your needs from the development stages of any program to realization.

QCR Tech initially became ISO certified in 1999 to the ISO 9002:1998 standard and has continued its’ commitment to a registered Quality Management System.  QCR Tech advanced its’ Quality Management System to become registered to the ISO9001:2008 standard early in 2010.  QCR Tech’s quality commitment continues with the registration of its’ internal dimensional laboratory to the ISO:17025 standard through L-A-B.  Achieving these certifications has only enhanced QCR Tech’s capabilities, providing all of our customers with exceptional quality, service and professionalism.

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